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How can I sell for FREE? Glad You Asked. We take the real estate tools used by agents and give them to you.

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Don't settle for generic home value tools - You need the same tools that agents use. Start with local property data from multiple sources, then take control and adjust the value for YOUR home based on its current condition, upgrades and other features. More data and more control.

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Trendstar Realty provides you with a personalized dashboard encompassing all the information you need to complete your transaction into one simple view. You will have the ability to easily manage property details, photos, and pricing 24/7. You can also update listing features, create marketing links, post to social media, manage your showing requests, review feedback and more.

Who can benefit from this type of listing?

This is a great option for sellers who have experience selling homes and are familiar with the required contracts and documentation needed to complete this type of transaction. Our favorite perk to you? Your Offer Portal. Allow buyer agents, direct buyers and cash buyers to view your property and easily make offers. This portal allows you to compare offers, put buyers in highest and best at the click of a button, and choose the offer that fits your needs. This personalized selling dashboard will manage all key dates up to closing.


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