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  • Ca$h FLOW Offer - RETAIL VALUE!
  • Ca$h Offer - TOP DOLLAR!
  • List for FREE!

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2% Full Service Listing

A dedicated Agent for every aspect of the transaction

List for 2% - Pay at Closing

A comprehensive, fiduciary service to include professional photography, marketing, negotiating, and Seller automation.


A full listing on local MLS,, Zillow, as well as several Social Media sites and SEO boosts.

Seller Dashboard

A personalized site for our Sellers that showcase home value reports, showing services, offer alerts, and transaction updates.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated agent to guide, aid and support the seller every step of the way.

Ca$h FLOW or Ca$h Offer

SKIP THE LISTING! Receive CASH monthly or all at once!


Use the sale of your home to create long-term, consistent CASH FLOW each and every month.

Benefits of CA$H FLOW with Trendstar Realty

▪ Turns your liability into an asset. ▪ Close faster than the traditional selling method. Avoid the red tape of conventional mortgages as we can close in approximately two weeks. ▪ Opens your home to more potential buyers ▪ ZERO Landlord responsibilities

CA$H FLOW Snapshot

▪ New Owner pays their PITI via a Third Party Agency. ▪ Third Party Agency pays all lien holders, escrows for taxes and insurance and reports to credit bureaus ▪ If/when Buyer refinances, all liens will be paid out

Ca$h Offer

Skip the listing! Receive an offer for all cash from Trendstar Realty. ZERO time prepping for the listing and avoid having to keep your house 'show ready'. ZERO time spent negotiating the sales price or expensive repairs. Pay ZERO Realtor listing fees.

List for FREE!

Free Listing Platform for Sellers

Free For Sellers

Our FREE listing platform gives you all the tools you need in one place to effectively sell your house.

Marketing Tools

The FREE listing package includes custom marketing links as well as social media exposure.

Simple Showings

Receive showing alerts and feedback via text/email all in your dashboard.

Offer Alerts

Easily receive, compare, counter and/or accept offers from your selling dashboard.

Save with Trendstar Realty

See how much you can save when you sell with Trendstar Realty.

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List Price
Trendstar Realty 2% Full Service Listing
Traditional Agent 3% **


Receive a cash offer today from Trendstar Realty.

Avoid the hassles of prepping the house for showings, negotiating price, completing repairs and paying HIGH fees and commissions.
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Buyer Concierge Program

To our valued home buyers; we didn't forget about you!

Every seller and client of Trendstar Realty is automatically qualified for the buyer concierge program. When you buy a home through Trendstar Realty and or one of its affiliated agents, you will receive up to $500 at closing.

You read that correct! Buy a house and make money; it's that simple. Start your search now.

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